Lamp Post Station
When Brock Labs USA was commissioned with the task of building electronics for Mrs. Hawking's Lamp Post Station, the lamp post symbol had to be constructed for all the circuit boards used in the station.
The symbol was first modeled in MS Visio using advanced drawing tools to construct the geometry. Precise coordinates of shape elements were then transferred to PCB CAD software to reproduce the symbol. The lamp post icon is relatively large at 0.820 inches in width. You can download the Visio source file here.
Observe the eight sets of three bars each (called characters) arranged octagonally in the symbol. Each character is a unique binary representation of one of the eight values 000 through 111.
Please note that Brock Labs is concerned only with reproduction of the Lamp Post Station symbol and not with any of the mysteries surrounding the station or the island.
Exactly who was the original builder of the lamp post station?
Was the Lamp Post Station the means by which the DHARMA Initiative originally located the Island?
What is the meaning of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42?
Why doesn't Richard Alpert age?
Was the young Eloise Hawking pregnant with Daniel when she killed his adult self?
Brock Labs can only give you a sign.

Lamp Post PCB Icon
              Printed Circuit Board Icon - Dharma Initiative Lamp Post Station Symbol

Visio - Lamp Post Symbol
                           PCB Icon as designed in Microsoft Visio